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Do I need to be a dentist to sell Megawhite?

No. Our system is a retail teeth whitening product that is self-administered by your customers. You do not need any prior dental experience to get started, just a desire for financial gain.

Is any special training required to get started?

No. Megawhite Express is a fully self-administered product. The clients follows the instructions on the packet, allowing them to perform the treatment from start to finish. However, Megawhite provides training material that covers all commonly-asked questions so you will have in-depth product knowledge and be able to offer Megawhite to your clients with complete confidence.

How much money can I make from Megawhite?

There is no limit to how much you can make by offering Megawhite to your clients.

Here are some examples:
You sell 1000 Megawhite treatments per year.
1000 x £89 = £89,000
Investment = £14,995
Revenue = £89,000
Profit = £74,005

You sell 1 Megawhite treatment per day. That’s 340 per year.
340 x £89 = £30,260
Investment = £6,995
Revenue = £30,260
Profit = £23265

Do you have any Testimonials?

“Patients often ask me about teeth whitening. I have great confidence in offering the Megawhite treatment, the results are great and it takes very little time to administer.”
Dr. Hany Lai BDS

“I have known the team at Megawhite for several years and would highly recommend them.”
Dr. Catriona Beattie BDS (GLAS)

“Megawhite Express has been a huge success;. Profits are increasing, Megawhite is also attracting new clients to the practice.”
Marran McDonald — Practice Manager

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